From the inventor of Wallabox®  Anne Brewer:

While enjoying an outdoor concert in the summer of 2014, I used a port-a-john and my cell phone fell out of my back pocket onto the floor. I was lucky it didn’t fall in! I thought there has to be a better way! I immediately began researching cell phone holders in public restrooms, concert venues, stadiums, restaurants, grocery stores, and movie theaters…there were none!

We girls carry our cell phones in our back pocket, or in our hands – even if we carry a purse. We have to skillfully balance a rectangle cell phone on top of the round toilet paper holder, praying it doesn’t fall off!

 That’s why I invented Wallabox®.  It took us a while but we finally got the Patent!

Our Cell Phone Holder is Ideal for Personal and Professional Life

Keep your cell phone handy anywhere you need to be hands free. Attach Wallabox in your Bedroom, Bathroom, Car, Dorm Room, or by any outlet to create a charging station. Protect your phone from drops and spills. Peel and stick for quick installation. Fits all cell phone sizes. Lifetime guarantee against breakage!

Made with thick, durable plastic, each Wallabox comes with removable, non damaging tape and a alcohol pad for quick installation. Wallabox is the Safe, Secure and Convenient place to put your cell phone so you can safely be hands free!

My cell phone is my business and my life. With over 2,000 pictures, names, and numbers – I can’t afford to loose it down the toilet!

I am trying to save one cell phone at a time so please help me spread the word by telling your favorite restaurant, bar, venue, movie theater they need Wallabox in their restroom and to call us!

    Wallabox® – Your Mobile Life Protected®