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Introducing our handy cell phone holder…Wallabox – Your Mobile Life Protected™

Protection on all levels

Reduce the risk of driving distractions with Wallabox on your car console wall.

No more phones falling into the toilet. Enjoy being hands free in the bathroom!

Stay safe at night by charging your phone in Wallabox on your nightstand, NOT under your pillow.

Choose Your Favorite Style

Wallabox is available in fun colors and patterns to match your favorite decor.

Caribbean Blue

Spring Green Stripe

Midnight Black

Steel Gray

Chocolate Brown Lattice

Vivid Violet

Hot Pink Diamond

Our brand marketing promise of Survival and Protection is targeted towards Parents and Teenagers. The Wallaby/Kangaroo is a great symbol for Family, Nurturing and Protection. The Wallaby uses its pouch to protect and nurture its young, its most precious asset!

Parents often worry about their most precious assets; their teenagers, and how easily they become distracted by using their cell phones. Teenagers, on the other hand want to be cool and consider their cell phone their life!  Wallabox addresses both the concerns of the parents and the desires of teenagers.

Keeping you and your cell phone safe-

Order yours today!