Why Wallabox?

Most of us carry our cell phones in our back pocket or in our hands – even if we carry a purse. With nowhere to store our phone while in the bathroom we tuck it under our chin or put on the dirty floor. We even fall asleep while our phone is charging under our pillow and this can cause fire. That’s why WALLABOX was invented!

Keep your cell phone handy anywhere you need to be hands free. Attach WALLABOX in your Bedroom, Bathroom, Car, Dorm Room, or by any outlet to create a charging station.


  • Protect your phone from drops and spills.
  • Peel and stick for quick installation.
  • Fits all cell phone sizes.


WALLABOX – Your Mobile Life Protected

Answers to common questions

Will my phone fit?

Most do. The dimensions of the internal opening are 3/4" deep x 3 5/8" wide x 2 3/8" tall.

How big is the Wallabox outside?

The exterior dimensions are about 6 1/2" high x 4" wide x 1" deep.

Will this holder work if my phone has a popsocket on it?

Yes - most do, as the Wallabox cavity is 3/4" deep.

Can I charge my phone when it's in the Wallabox?

Yes! There are three large openings at the bottom of the Wallabox for your charging cord to pass through.

Is the Wallabox awesome?

Yes, Wallabox is beyond awesome! The single most versatile mobile phone holder that we know of.